Basic Monthly Charges:  Residential (Base rate $70.00)

              Water:                   $ 26.00 for first 5,000 gallons
                                              $   1.00 per thousand gallons for the next 20,000
​                                              $   2.00 per thousand gallons over 25,000

              Sewer:                  $  34.00 flat fee per month

              Garbage:              $ 10.00 per month for one (1) 32-gallon size can
                                              $ 12.00 per month for two (2) 32-gallon size cans
                                              $ 14.00 per month for (3) 32-gallon size cans
                                              $   2.00 per can for anything over 3 cans

City Policies:

       Accounts are due and payable by the 15th of each month. If a bill is unpaid by the last day of the month, it will be considered PAST DUE.  A $20.00 past due fee will be assessed to your account.  If the past due amount is not paid within the time specified, water services may be disconnected without further notice.  If services are disconnected, the account must be PAID IN FULL, as well as a $10.00 disconnection fee and a $25.00 reconnection fee by cash or money order, before services will be reconnected.

   Garbage collection is REQUIRED within our service area.  Garbage collection is scheduled for each Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.  GARBAGE MUST BE SET OUT AT THE STREET BY 8 A.M. TO INSURE PICKUP.  32 gallon size or smaller cans with lids will be accepted (no heavy metal barrels). Garbage MUST BE BAGGED.  Bigger than 32 gallon size cans will be charged at the 2 can rate.  Do not set garbage in boxes or bags of any kind on the ground.  Any scattered garbage will not be picked up.

      The City of Worley charges a $20.00 fee for returned checks.  If the City receives an NSF (Non-sufficient funds) check, water services may be disconnected immediately.

       Residential Utility Deposit is required before utilities will be turned on.  New accounts for residential water, sewer and garbage collection services require a $250.00 utility deposit.

       Owners of rental properties are required to complete a Guarantee of Utility Payment agreement within 30 days of receipt of form, otherwise services for the rental property may be disconnected.

       (Water meter may not be read during the winter months, depending upon the weather.  Your bill will be estimated accordingly.)

       Non-Residential/Commercial customers will be required to pay a $250.00 utility deposit prior to service connection.

Non-Residential/Commercial Charges:

              Water:                $ 25.00 for the first 5,000 gallons
                                           $   2.25 per thousand gallons for the next 20,000 
                                           $   3.25 per thousand gallons over 25,000

              Sewer:                $ 33.00 flat fee per month
                                            $   1.00 per thousand gallons for the next 20,000 gallons
                                            $   2.00 per thousand gallons over 25,000

              Garbage:           Same rates as residential

              Dumpsters:       $ 43.00 per month for a 2 yard dumpster, emptied 1x/week
                                            $ 10.00 rental fee per month, plus sales tax
​                                            $ 85.00 per month for a 4 yard dumpster, emptied 1x/week
                                            $ 20.00 rental fee per month, plus sales tax
                                            $ 25.00 delivery fee applies
                   City of Worley Services
The City of Worley provides our residents with water, sewer and garbage collection services (every Wednesday morning).  At City Hall, we also provide fax and copy services, building permits, and information about the Worley Cemetery.  A Notary Public is available to notarize your documents (M-F).